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Reflective Shields Plus®

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Reflective Shields Plus® are exceptionally popular with both dentists and patients. They are uniquely crafted to provide absorption and superior illumination during common procedures. The heart-shape design and distinctive reflective film are both innovative and practical.

  • Does not swell or compromise the work area
  • Greater absorbency providing a dry field within seconds
  • Added comfort.  Special heart shape easily accommodates buccal curvatures and keeps shield in check with the parotid gland
  • Unique reflective film allows illumination of the oral cavity
  • Durable nonwoven absorbent material for moisture retention
  • Ideal for various procedures such as sealants, composite fillings, restorations and crown preps
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  • Large
  • Small
  • Dual Pack

"I LOVE the new Reflective Shields Plus that you gave me in Chicago. They have great reflection, and they hold up from the start of the prep to the end of polishing the composit in the most posterior of the mouth. Normally I go through 2-3 during these procedures."

—Catherine Myrick, DMD | North Carolina, USA

"The Reflective Shield Plus retracts the whole quadrant and protects the whole quadrant. You do not get the bur caught in a piece of cotton. The Reflective Shield also reflects the light in the entire operative area."
—Daniel Krantz, DDS | New Jersey, USA

“Richmond braided cotton rolls are the best! No other rolls absorb the liquid like Richmond. I love using them in my operating room. I have been asked to try other cotton rolls, but when something works this well, there is no need to change.”
—Dr. Donald Berger | Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, USA

600700 Reflective Shields Plus ® Large Reflective Moisture Abatement Pads 50/Box 20 boxes USA
600710 Reflective Shields Plus ® Small Reflective Moisture Abatement Pads 50/Box 20 boxes USA
600720 Reflective Shields Plus ® Dual Pack 25-Lg, 25-Sm/Box 20 boxes USA
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