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Richmond Dental Supplies

Richmond Dental SuppliesWhether you’re a periodontist, dentist, endodontist, orthodontist, or an oral surgeon, Richmond Dental & Medical has many disposable dental products to aid you in maintaining a safe, sterile environment for your patients.

Since 1895, Richmond Dental has been making sure customers are receiving the finest of professional dental supplies through using superior cotton for dental applications. Our company is well established, but not complacent. Richmond Dental & Medical believes superior techniques that bring about superior results demand superior products. For that reason, we strive to maintain control throughout the cotton manufacturing process, from purification to the final product. A merger with Barnhardt Manufacturing Company in 1947 made this total control possible, and also assured that manufacturing would be done in America.

Premium Dental Supplies: Supreme Infection Control

Richmond Dental & Medical's purified cotton products and infection control dispensers can be trusted. Richmond's award-winning sponges, face masks, braided rolls, and  Reflective Shields Plus® in addition to cotton pellets, applicators and other first-rate, single-use products are proudly made in the USA.

As an innovative manufacturer, we're committed to adding more resources in the future. For 124 years, since Dr. Albert Richmond founded Richmond Dental, the company has never been stagnant. We strive continuously to upgrade and enhance the services and dental supplies provided, matching customer loyalty with the company's loyal devotion to meeting your professional needs. Our philosophy emphasizes that the customer comes first.

Dental Disposables

While Richmond Dental & Medical's single-use dental supplies are considered staples, these workhorse products are still held to the highest pharmacopoeia standards and designed to deliver consistent performance.

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Why do dental professionals rely on Richmond Dental & Medical dispensers? Because they provide unparalleled convenience and safety for solutions, pellets, sponges, and infection control rolls.

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While endodontists use cutting-edge technology for treatments, that technology must be complemented by quality single-use dental supplies to deliver a superior patient experience.

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Infection Control

For the dental profession, infection control takes on the highest priority. That's why our purified cotton products and industry-leading dispensers are trusted by dental professionals.

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Moisture Abatement Pad

Loved by both dentists and patients, our Reflective Shields Plus® provide superior absorption and illumination for a variety of procedures thanks to their unique heart shape and distinctive reflective film.

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