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A Legacy of Innovation, An Enduring Commitment to Quality

Richmond Dental and Medical proudly serves hospitals, medical clinics, government agencies, and the general public with high quality, disposable medical products. We offer an array of medical products to meet your needs for safe, sterile supplies that protect your patients and staff alike. Our company is known for its excellence and innovation in hospital medical supplies and disposable nonwoven medical products, and we have the industry awards to prove it. Richmond customers take pride in knowing that they purchase from a company that’s been the industry standard-bearer in medical products for over a century.

Founded in 1895 by Dr. Albert Richmond, his namesake company endures to supply discerning medical professionals with an impressive variety of high quality, affordable medical supplies. Our commitment to excellence is fueled by a unique understanding of the healthcare community and its needs, built through customer-centered innovation and actual collaborations with medical professionals, as in our Soft BiteBlock®. Along the way, Richmond has become the go-to medical manufacturer for hospitals and clinics worldwide. As a medical surgical supply company of choice for many of the best healthcare providers, we pride ourselves in being a prime source for durable, high quality, and affordable medical devices.


Quality Medical Supplies: Tried, Tested and Trusted

Richmond's superior array of hospital medical supplies is tried, tested, and highly trusted. Offering a wide variety of disposables as well as products to aid in infection control, Richmond Dental & Medical’s selection features several award-winning and critically acclaimed products. In 2019, the company’s 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponge earned a Best Product designation from Dental Product Shopper. The environmentally friendly 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponge is a general use sponge known for its softness and absorbency without sticking or linting in surgical applications.

In previous years, other Richmond products have earned similar praise. Our Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls® also earned a Best Product distinction from Dental Product Shopper, with evaluators noting their combination of “excellent absorbency, superior retraction, easy removal, and enhanced patient comfort.” Richmond scored a coveted award for one if its premium infection control products, Path-O-Guard® Face Masks. Dental Advisor named the Level III model as a Clinical Problem Solver for 2017 along with a 4.5 grade out of a possible five points. During demonstrations, dentists often noted the anti-fog feature of the masks, as well as their breathability and comfort, , especially in light of the added protection.

Other products receiving industry recognition include SteriPockets® pre-packaged gauze, as well as Reflective Shields Plus® Cheek Retractors.


Clinical Problem-Solvers

In the medical community, Richmond is known as a real problem-solver, helping healthcare and dental professionals face a variety of challenges. Pre-packaged, sterilized disposables help HCPs and staff effectively control infection by reducing cross-contamination. Many infectious diseases spread through the air, blood, and saliva, and our products help prevent this. Clinicians using Richmond products can reduce exposure to respiratory viruses like the common cold, influenza, and the norovirus.

Products like our Soft BiteBlocks® are designed specifically to address the perils of anesthesia.

As a forward-thinking manufacturer and vertically integrated with the world’s leading supplier of purified cotton, Richmond is committed to uncovering unmet medical needs and engineering the best processes to continue to expand our offerings, while providing our customers with the very best selection of medical supplies and disposable medical products.


Unmatched Service

At Richmond Dental and Medical, we live by our commitment to putting the needs of customers and safety first. In addition to our customer-centered approach to innovation, we maintain a dedicated customer service and research and development team, as well as a respected network of knowledgeable product distributors worldwide. When you buy Richmond, outstanding service is just a phone call, email, or visit away.

To get started as a Richmond dealer or customer, contact us today. Our professional staff will consult with you to put together a comprehensive medical supply inventory to keep your clinic running smoothly and safely for patients and staff alike. We stand behind our award-winning products, and you’ll know the Richmond difference from day one.


Infection Control

For the dental and medical professions, infection control takes on the highest priority. That's why our purified cotton products and industry-leading dispensers are trusted by healthcare professionals.


Disposable Medical Products

While Richmond Dental & Medical's single-use medical supplies are considered staples, these workhorse products are still meticulously designed to deliver consistent performance.

Infection Control

For the dental profession, infection control takes on the highest priority. That's why our purified cotton products and industry-leading dispensers are trusted by dental professionals.

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Medical Disposables

While Richmond Dental & Medical's single-use medical supplies are considered staples, these workhorse products are still meticulously purified, then designed to deliver consistent performance.

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