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Dental Disposables

While Richmond Dental & Medical's single-use dental supplies are considered staples, these workhorse products are still held to the highest pharmacopoeia standards and designed to deliver consistent performance.

Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls®

Richmond Dental & Medical’s award winning Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls® are the preferred choice of many professionals. A peer to peer evaluation, conducted by Dental Product Shopper, scored…

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Wrapped Rolls

Our Wrapped Rolls are a great, reliable alternative among dental rolls. Their soft, nonwoven absorbent casing contains no starch which means they will not stick to mucosa. There…

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Econo Rolls

Satisfaction in Savings. Richmond Dental & Medical Econo Rolls are for practices whose first consideration is price. Made with 100% cotton with a methylcellulose binder, the absorbent roll…

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Reflective Shields Plus®

Reflective Shields Plus® are exceptionally popular with both dentists and patients. They are uniquely crafted to provide absorption and superior illumination during common procedures. The heart-shape design and…

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Cotton Pellets

They are small, but that doesn’t keep them from doing their job well. Richmond Dental 100% Cotton Pellets are designed to provide outstanding quality and absorbency in a…

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100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponges

The 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponge is the perfect general use sponge combining the most desirable characteristics of sponges into one product. It features a smooth, textured and lint-free…

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Rayon/Poly Nonwoven Sponges

Richmond Dental & Medical’s Rayon/Poly Nonwoven Sponges are an economical and lint-free alternative. They will not leave fibers in dental work, nor will they leave lint residue on…

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Richmond Dental & Medical MultiPly™ Rayon/Poly Nonwoven Sponges are made of 8 plys (layers) and are perfect for oral surgery and periodontic applications. These additional layers provide twice…

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Cotton-Filled Exodontia Sponges

This variety of sponge looks similar to the all-gauze variety with its cheesecloth-like outer layer, but it contains a layer of pure cotton on the inside. This provides…

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All Gauze Sponges

Proof that a product that works well can also be simple and inexpensive. All Gauze Sponges have a loose weave, giving them a textured, cheesecloth-like appearance and a…

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Level III Path-O-Guard® Face Mask

High Quality Earloop Face Masks are as integral to a dental procedure as the most expensive equipment in the room. After all, you cannot work without protection from…

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Cotton Tipped Applicators

Even products that seem as simple as this can make a difference to your patients. Their versatility and ease of application will make a difference to your practice.

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