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braided cotton roll

Why Richmond

You don't become the preferred name in single-use dental products and dispensers overnight. At Richmond Dental we've been honing our expertise since 1895, working diligently to develop and sustain the highest industry standards for supplies that support a wide range of dental applications. Our products serve as a testament to this century of expertise, offering superior quality and unrivaled safety for our customers.


Customer Satisfaction Through Top-Rated Products

While our initial products were simple staples such as cotton pellets and cotton balls, today our catalog has grown to include specialty items like Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls®, pound rolls, and header rolls. These supplies provide absorbency and comfort during dental treatments, while our face masks, solution trays, and infection control roll dispensers offer exceptional protection and sterility. Additional innovations such as our Reflective Shield Plus®, FoamEZ® Splash Hood Liner, and Steripocket® Sponges have won industry awards, and are also mainstays for dental professionals.

Quality Control Through Vertical Integration

One of the secrets of our dental product success comes from our unique status as a vertically integrated manufacturing company. Since our 1947 merger with Barnhardt Manufacturing Company, a leading provider of cotton, we've been able to exercise quality control from fiber purification and carding to the final product. This also allows all of our products to be made right here in the USA, a fact we're extremely proud of.


Integrity Through Industry Affiliations

By participating in DentaCheques and belonging to the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), we've proven our commitment to ensuring that as many people as possible receive high-quality oral care. We support DentaCheques because 100% of donated proceeds support the Dental Lifeline Network, a national humanitarian dental organization that provides dental care to the disabled, elderly, or other individuals who have no means of receiving care on their own. As a proud member of the DTA, we're able to partner with an association that brings together distributors, dental labs, and dental manufacturers, all for the sake of oral health.

Expertise Through a Century of Experience

While our top-rated products, our status as a vertically integrated manufacturer, and our industry affiliations contribute to Richmond Dental being the most trusted name in dental supplies, the one common thread that connects these attributes is our more than 125 years of dental industry experience. We're always working toward improving product performance, and we're committed to enhancing the treatment experience for dentists and their patients. We've done this for over a century, and we plan to do it for a century more.

Environmental, Health & Safety

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