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Taxidermy Market

Taxidermy is the art of preserving animals for scientific study or display in appreciation of their form and function. You’ll see taxidermists preserve the bodies of large game like elk and deer, as well as many kinds of fish. In addition, taxidermists must also preserve smaller animals, like many varieties of birds, with greater precision.

 As taxidermists clean animals for study and display, they reduce them to what’s known as manikin form, which basically comprises the specimen’s skeletal structure. In order to maintain this shape without the animal’s organs and muscles present, taxidermists use batting to fill the space and bolster the remaining manikin for long-term durability.

 In the past, taxidermists routinely turned to manmade fibers for batting. These fibers are often produced with and contain harsh chemicals, so many in the taxidermy community have turned to all-natural fibers like cotton for their batting needs. Richmond Dental and Medical, with almost 125 years of producing dental and medical supplies made from all-natural, purified cotton, is now meeting the needs of taxidermists worldwide.

 As a vertically integrated subsidiary of one of the world’s premier manufacturers of purified cotton, Richmond Dental and Medical now offers cotton batting for taxidermists. Known for their attention to detail and appreciation of quality products that assist in their work, taxidermists love how our batting is soft, but strong, and able to retain its shape in the animal form. Best of all, our cotton batting is of the highest quality, mechanically cleaned, and purified to remove the debris, and bacteria commonly found in raw cotton.

For all of your taxidermy needs, turn to cotton batting from Richmond Dental and Medical.