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Professional Tattoo Supplies

Much like their counterparts in dental and medical clinics, tattoo professionals must maintain high standards of sterilization to limit infections and cross-contamination among customers and tattoo artists. In addition, they must be prepared to keep customers comfortable throughout the application and healing processes.

To meet these goals for sterilization and customer care, tattoo parlors and artists demand high-quality cotton staples that provide superior absorption and sterility, all while enhancing the customer experience. It’s important that tattoo shops have a reliable supplier for antiseptics, skin cleansers, bandages, and disinfectants. At Richmond Dental and Medical, we are proud to supply the tattoo industry with high-quality products made from purified cotton, products known for their award-winning clinical performance and ability to provide comfort to tattoo customers.

Face Masks

One of the best ways tattoo artists protect themselves, especially when applying tattoos to the head and neck, is by wearing high-quality masks seen in surgery rooms and dental clinics, Our award-winning Path-O-Guard Level III face masks protect users from airborne germs and fluids without compromising breathability.

Our face masks perform, with the Path-O-Guard achieving the highest level of infection control, with a greater than 98 percent efficiency in the filtration of bacteria.

Applicators and Sponges

The process of getting a tattoo can be much more complicated than meets the eye. Artists must be prepared for patients who bleed easily, as well as for sterilizing the tattoo location, and for protecting the area where the tattoo has been created, so that it can heal properly and quickly.

Tattoo artists use a variety of products to deal with bleeding and other fluids, such as medical balls and cotton balls, which are highly absorbent and can clean up small spots. For cleaning instruments, tattoo professionals may choose from Richmond’s all gauze sponges, our rayon/poly nonwoven sponges, and 100% cotton nonwoven sponges. The latter two are designed to be lint-free for yielding perfectly clean tools of the trade.

For applying antiseptic ointments, tattoo artists may like to keep cotton-tipped applicators on-hand for clean, sterile application every time.

Helping Tattoo Parlors Meet Stringent Regulations for Customer Care

Tattoo parlors face multiple regulations at federal and state levels. At the federal level, parlors must remain compliant with rules and guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), since the tattoo process has the component where blood is shed.

At the state level in places like Richmond’s home of North Carolina, health inspectors will randomly audit the premises, checking to see that patients have the proper care they need, both during the process of getting a tattoo, as well as the recovery.

Richmond Dental and Medical makes products from purified cotton, and our standards meet or exceed regulations at international, federal, and state levels . When you buy from Richmond, you know you’ll get medical supplies that will keep your shop compliant and keep your customers safe and comfortable throughout the process of getting a tattoo.