And the Winner Is… Richmond Dental and Medical Products

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Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls®, Path-O-Guard Face Mask, SteriPockets, and Reflective Shields Plus Dominate Dental Product Award Season

It’s awards season—the Golden Globes, Grammys, the Oscars, and more.  Our industry has its own awards season, and the judges have spoken on the best dental products throughout 2017. The winner is Richmond Dental and Medical, over and over again.

DPS Best Product Logo | Richmond Dental and Medical | Braided Cotton RollsFirst up, our Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls® received a Best Product Award, with a 4.6 out of five score, from Dental Product Shopper. In a validation of anecdotal evidence from our customer interactions in the field, DPS noted the product’s “combination of excellent absorbency, superior retraction, easy removal, and enhanced patient comfort.” Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls® make procedures easier for dentists and patients—that’s a win for everyone involved.

Richmond Dental & Medical receives a clinical problem solver award from Dental Advisor for their Path-O-Guard facemaskNext, Richmond scored a coveted award with our newest premium product family, Path-O-Guard Face Masks for discerning dental professionals. Dental Advisor named the Level III model as a Clinical Problem Solver for 2017 along with a 4.5 grade out of a possible five points. During demonstrations, dentists often noted the anti-fog feature of the masks, as well as the breathability, especially in light of the added thickness to promote comfort.

Dental Advisor 2018 Preferred Product Disposable SteriPocketOne of our true product standouts, SteriPockets has received the Dental Advisor Editor’s Choice designation for the fourth year running. With a perfect score of five out of five, this product provides clinical value in multiple ways. Dentists cite the fact that due to the innovative packaging, gauze stays sterile until the moment it’s needed, and patients have a positive perception of the product when they see sterilized during pre-packaging. Also, dentists and hygienists have greater control over the amount of gauze dispensed to patients, making an economic case for SteriPockets. Dentists and patients alike love SteriPockets.

Dental Advisor 2018 Preferred Product Absorbent Cheek Pad Reflective Shields PlusFinally, Dental Advisor bestowed 2018 Preferred Product status on the four out of five-rated Reflective Shields Plus. With their blockbuster feature combination of absorption, superior illumination, and comfort, these cheek retractors deliver the results that dentists and patients are looking for in common procedures. Users noted the clinical performance of Reflector Shields Plus, highlighting the reflective side’s resemblance of an actual mirror, as well as desired absorbency without changing shape or swelling.

At Richmond Dental and Medical, we center our product development on providing superior solutions to common clinical problems that affect dentists, hygienists, and patients. Year after year, our products earn awards and accolades from industry standard-bearers and user panels comprised of practicing dental professionals. The dental community knows that the Richmond Dental and Medical brand means superior quality and powerful performance with every procedure.