Why Richmond Dental and Medical Is the Perfect Fit for Government Contracts

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When you’ve built a successful company over more than 100 years, you’ve seen a few events change the course of our operations, as we turn our production to support government efforts in addition to our support of the private dental and medical sectors. Since our roots in manufacturing absorbent cotton products for the United States military during World War II, Richmond Dental and Medical, and its parent company, Barnhardt Manufacturing, have strived to provide elite products at competitive pricing to deliver great value on government contracts.

In 1943, Barnhardt was awarded the coveted “E Award,” a recognition for outstanding service as a provider of goods to the United States Armed Services. In fact, the E Award is the highest recognition of civilian production during wartime. Thus, three flags have flown at our own “home base”: Old Glory, the Minute Man flag, which represents 100 percent cooperation of our employees with wartime efforts, and the E Award flag.

Some 75 years later, we remain dedicated to serving our military, knowing that our nation’s finest deserve to have the best products used in the hospitals and clinics that care for them each day.

Since Richmond Dental and Medical is part of the Barnhardt family of companies, we are vertically integrated with the world’s elite supplier of 100 percent Purified Cotton. Our combination of quality and price delivers tremendous return on investment for government purchasers.

At Richmond Dental and Medical, our products are made in the USA, with most originating from our headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina and Reno, Nevada. Our dental and medical supplies are compliant with the Trade Agreement Act (TAA), which means they must be produced or undergo “substantial transformation” within the United States or a designated country.

Currently, you’ll see our products in multiple Veterans Administration hospitals and clinics around the country. Richmond Dental and Medical anticipates having more of its award-winning products, including SteriPocket® sponges, Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls®, Path-O-Guard® Face Masks, and Reflective Shields Plus® , in the hands of more VA clinicians in 2019 and beyond.