Saying Good-Bye to Our Long-Time Sales Manager, Sara Evans

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It’s always hard to say good-bye. This is especially true for us when it comes to our long-time Sales Manager, Sara Evans. She has been with Richmond Dental and Medical for 27 years. When we spoke to her about her career—and her pending retirement—no one that knows her would be surprised to hear that all she wanted to talk about was her customers.

“Your successes, in my opinion, are your customers’ successes,” Sara said. “When I see them do well, I feel like I’m doing well, because in some small way I’ve been a part of it. And that’s no matter how big or small they are. It’s been a great joy in my life.”

This quote encapsulates Sara’s customer-first philosophy perfectly. During her career here, one of Sara’s specialties was developing deep relationships with our customers, at home and abroad. In fact, she points to globalization as one of the key changes that occurred during her Richmond Dental and Medical tenure, as we slowly saw our products make it into the hands of distributors around the world.

Sara said she enjoyed traveling overseas and meeting new customers, learning new cultures, and developing lifetime friendships. Of course, this also reinforces her customer-centric viewpoint.

“My favorite customer is the one I’m with at that moment, whether it’s a domestic customer or an international customer,” she said.

Sara also found great satisfaction in watching some of the customers she worked with early in her career go on to bigger and better things.

“It’s been great to see customers that were small become really huge corporations, and if you’ve had any part of that at all, you feel a great deal of pride,” she said. “They may carry 200,000 product lines, but if they carry yours it makes you feel good that they’ve been so successful.”

In retirement Sara will continue to travel, as well as spend more time with her family. She was very clear about what she’ll miss most about her job: her customers, and the relationships she’s built with them. We know those customers—along with the entire Richmond Dental and Medical family—will miss her, too.

“It has been a privilege to represent Richmond Dental and Medical for the past 27 years,” she said. “It has been a pleasure to offer a quality product line with a proven history dating back to 1895.”