Richmond’s Cotton Pellets Receive Best Product Award from Dental Product Shopper

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We’re proud to announce another win for Richmond Dental and Medical! Our 100% Cotton Pellets have earned a 2020 Best Product Award from Dental Product Shopper, a premier publication for dental products.

The 100% Cotton Pellets are designed for performance and suitable for many different clinical procedures. They are soft yet durable, highly absorbent, and versatile. These preformed cotton pellets are available in six sizes and come ready to use.

Richmond Dental’s Cotton Pellets are manufactured in the USA from purified, medical-grade, USA-grown cotton. They do not stick to the patient’s mucosa, nor do they shred and fall apart. Instead, they are permeable and wick for superior performance across applications such as controlling moisture, drying cavities, delivering medicaments, and applying solutions.

Richmond’s 100% Cotton Pellets are also a sustainable choice—our cotton is all-natural and biodegradable. We are vertically integrated with our cotton supplier, Barnhardt Purified Cotton, whose reputation for quality and integrity is unmatched. Therefore, you can rest assured that our pure cotton product origins are from farms and gins in the southeastern United States.  

Dental Product Shopper asked a group of six dentists to test the 100% Cotton Pellets in their practices for several weeks. They each weighed in:

We used the cotton pellets every day, and they are perfect for our needs. — Sage White, DDS

The ready-to-use cotton pellets are convenient and make our treatments go a little faster and smoother. — Dr. Andrew Chen

A great product that saves chair time by just being able to pick out the right sized pellet. — R. Kevin Maloney, DDS

These pellets were very absorbent and did not tear apart when wet. — Steven Berk, DDS

The small pellets allowed for isolation and a dry field. It isolated the bleeding site and kept it dry. — Dr. Shari Mathew

[The pellets] performed well, leaving minimal fibers. — Dr. Philip Aurbach

We are thrilled to carry on our tradition of product excellence, which has been recognized by the likes of Dental Product Shopper and Dental Advisor.

“Our mission is to make life a little bit easier for dental providers and assistants,” said Brad Fekete, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Richmond Dental and Medical, “and we’re proud to say that we’ve accomplished just that with 100% Cotton Pellets. It’s always wonderful to receive praise for a product that our team has worked so hard on, and we hope to continue the legacy for many years to come.”

Richmond’s  100% Cotton Pellets may be ordered from your preferred dealer. Please contact us at Richmond Dental and Medical with additional questions.