Richmond’s 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponges Earn Best Product Award

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Once again, Richmond Dental and Medical has earned recognition for product excellence. The company’s 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponge has achieved a Best Product designation from Dental Product Shopper.

The 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponge is designed to be the perfect general use sponge for dental and medical applications. The sponge combines clinicians’ favorite characteristics of sponges into one great product. It features a smooth, textured, and lint-free surface that delivers excellent patient comfort.  Its four-ply construction provides maximum absorbency.

Made in the USA from 100% purified, medical-grade cotton, Richmond’s 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponge is available in three sizes, including larger sizes for hemostasis covering larger areas in the mouth. The sponge is lint-free, so it doesn’t leave any fibers behind in the patient’s mouth, nor on the dentist’s instruments. The soft, yet textured surface of the sponge doesn’t stick to tissue or gingiva. Gentle enough for the most delicate patient applications, the 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponge is durable for surface and instrument cleaning, too.

All-natural and biodegradable, Richmond’s 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponge is not only a staple for the dental clinic, but a sustainable choice as well.  With Richmond Dental and Medical being vertically integrated with its cotton supplier, the highest grades and quality are delivered.

In announcing the Best Product award for Richmond Dental and Medical, Dental Product Shopper quoted several dentists who had used the product and saw its superiority first-hand in clinical use:


“The predictably non-shredding or non-sticking aspect makes this a two thumbs-up product.”

Lucynda Raben, DDS

Wichita, KS


“It is very soft and thick and absorbent. I loved it and would order it again.”

Alice Alatorre, DDS

Indio, CA


“Little to no fibers remained after wiping instruments during use.”

Kathy Ausman, DDS

Omaha, NE


“The larger sizes were especially useful for hemostasis covering larger areas in the mouth.”

Eric Bellis, DDS

Windsor, ON


The Best Product award from Dental Product Shopper is just the latest recognition for Richmond’s family of products.  In fact, it’s the second Best Product award for a Richmond product, after the company’s Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls® earned the same recognition in 2017. Other Richmond products to receive coveted industry awards from the Dental Advisor.

“We are thrilled to see our 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponge receive such great praise from the dental community,” said George Hargrove, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Richmond Dental and Medical. “Our product development team makes winning awards look easy, but I’ve seen first-hand the amount of work they put into these products. The beauty of our 100% Cotton Nonwoven sponge it has so many great attributes that benefit both patient and clinician. Making the job of the dentist easier while making patients more comfortable in the chair is what we’re all about.”

To order the 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponge from your preferred dealer, please contact us at Richmond Dental and Medical.