Richmond Dental’s Cotton Pellets and Pellet Dispensers

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Richmond Dental and Medical’s cotton pellets and pellet dispensers are essential supplies for general dentistry clinics, as well as those focused on endodontics and oral surgery.

Tiny, but Mighty: Cotton Pellets

In the world of dental supplies, they don’t get any smaller than cotton pellets. These tiny, but mighty supplies range from the super-small,size 5, 3/32 inch to size 0, 11/32 inch. But these little guys are versatile in a variety of clinical applications.

At Richmond Dental and Medical, we make our cotton pellets from 100 percent medical-grade, purified cotton, designed to exhibit outstanding quality and absorbency.  General dentists use cotton pellets to carry a variety of medicaments during restorative procedures, including chlorhexidine, hemodent (to promote clotting of the blood), alcohol, liquid etch, caries detector (for cavity detection), and irrigating solution.

In endodontics, dentists use smaller-size cotton pellets in root canals, while oral surgeons also use smaller-size pellets during implants.


Indispensable: Pellet Dispensers

For effective packaging and use, Richmond’s pellet dispensers are available in three options to satisfy each clinic’s preferences.


The  EZ UPPellet Dispenser can hold pellet sizes #1 through 5, by simply interchanging the grid size. The EZ UPis innovative and practical. It features a gravity-based expulsion system. made from materials that are highly chemical-resistant. Easy to use (as its name implies) and easy to disinfect, the EZ UP allows dentists the greatest versatility.


Chrome Tiltop®

Richmond’s Chrome Tiltop®  Pellet Dispenser offers good disinfecting options, as it can be autoclaved. Unlike the EZ UP, the Chrome Tiltop®  models are size-dependent, meaning that the size refill you order depends on the grid size of the Tiltop® .  The beauty of chrome dispensers never disappoints, and Richmond’s Chrome Tiltop®  Pellet Dispensers have been known to hold their shine for up to 30 years.


Temple Pellet Dispenser

Our plastic Temple Pellet Dispenser sets the clinical standard for versatility in pellet dispensers. Like the Chrome Tiltop®  model, the Plastic Temple can be autoclaved. Furthermore, the Plastic Temple dispenser can accommodate four different-sized pellet refill boxes at once.  This flexibility allows dentists and assistants to pivot from one size of pellet to another and back again, all without changing the dispenser.


Contact Us Today to Learn More

Whether you need, a dispenser to hold every size cotton pellet, or simply an autoclavable option, we have the right pellet dispenser for your clinic. Richmond’s pellets are made from medical-grade purified cotton, providing superior quality and absorbency to fit clinical applications from general dentistry to endodontic and oral surgery procedures. Contact Richmond Dental and Medical to get the right pellet and pellet dispenser for your clinic today.