Richmond Dental and Medical Collaborates with Industry Entrepreneur to Launch Nasal Drip Pads

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Family medicine nurse practitioner Karen Hart, founder of KAH Medical, recently approached the Richmond Dental and Medical team with a new product concept to develop, the nasal drip pad. The pad is a disposable, absorbent, and easy-to-use pad--a riff on Richmond’s braided rolls--for most nasal surgeries, including sinuplasty, septoplasty, and rhinoplasty.

Health care professionals may also use Nasal Drip Pads for nosebleeds and runny noses.

We manufacture Nasal Drip Pads with absorbent cotton, held together with a silky yarn.  The cotton roll has stretchable ear-loops made from a cotton/polyester combination fabric, extending from both ends of the roll. The ear-loops enable the Nasal Drip Pad to be held comfortably and securely in place after clinical procedures.

Clinical Applications

Hart originally conceived the Nasal Drip Pad as a means of providing a tape-free dressing for any nasal surgery including sinuplasty, septoplasty, or rhinoplasty.  “ENTs and plastic surgeons in hospitals, surgery centers, and office settings utilize Nasal Drip Pads for a variety of procedures,” said Hart. “Since coming to market for surgery, the use has broadened to include nosebleeds in schools, sporting events, and urgent care settings. It is also being used in epistaxis kits for hospitals. “    

The First Nasal Drip Pad of Its Kind

The Nasal Drip Pad is the only all-in-one, tape-free, cotton product on the market.  “It has been awarded a patent, as it’s different from any other product used for nasal dressings--something we’re very proud of,” said Hart. “The only competitors for the Nasal Drip Pad are tape and gauze pads,  or perhaps a dressing holder that has a plastic piece that holds gauze under the nostrils.”

“Neither option--tape-and gauze nor dressing holders-- is greatly effective or convenient for the patient,” she explained.  “Tape is extremely uncomfortable when using it on the face and never preferred, especially with a great number of adhesive allergies.  The dressing holder is sometimes difficult to use because the gauze often slips out from under the plastic. The person can't eat, drink, or talk with gauze slipping over their mouth.  Even though the dressing holder may become soiled, it is intended for more than one use which is unclean after a surgery.” 

In contrast, the Nasal Drip Pad is made of a highly absorbent cotton allowing for less frequent dressing changes. “From a functionality standpoint, it’s easy for the patient to self-apply and remove,” said Hart. “The way it’s made allows the patient more flexibility in talking, eating, and drinking. Also, the Nasal Drip Pad is only intended for single use making it more sanitary for surgery use.”     

Working with Richmond Dental & Medical

To launch her company’s first product, Hart looked no further than Richmond Dental and Medical, a name that’s synonymous in her mind with quality. “Richmond has an excellent reputation for providing the highest quality of products. Richmond Dental and Medical has been a long-standing company,” she explained. “ They meet all the requirements by the US government for  manufacturing and hold FDA certification, which is greatly important to me. And in my professional medical opinion, the braided roll is the ‘Cadillac’ of cotton rolls. It’s a purified cotton with a braided effect giving it strength and absorbency. This cotton makes a perfect pad for the ‘braided’ Nasal Drip Pad. “

These tape-free, disposable, single-use rolls are convenient, highly absorbent, and easy to use. The Nasal Drip Pads, a collaboration of KAH Medical Supply and Richmond Dental and Medical, are cost-effective, with one-size fits most fittings.

For more information on Nasal Drip Pads, available from Hart’s KAH Medical Supply, visit