Reflective Shields Plus® Product Receives High Marks

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Richmond Dental & Medical’s Reflective Shields Plus® product continues to garner high praise, and with good reason: these cheek retractors have always been a hit with dentists and patients alike since they were specifically created to provide absorption, superior illumination, and comfort during common procedures. This starts with the products’ unique heart shape and continues with its reflective film, two features that make procedures easier for dental professionals, and more comfortable for their patients.

The good news about a great product is that news of its superior performance travels far and wide. Over the summer, this product has received some rave reviews that we wanted to pass along.

Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, DMD: A True Believer

Earlier this summer, Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, DMD, wrote a glowing review about Reflective Shields Plus® on Here’s her intro:

For a long time, I never paid much attention to my dry angles … except when one would puff up like a balloon if it got wet while I was working. Whenever that happened, I would remove the dry angle and scowl at it before tossing it into the trash. I use dry angles when I cannot isolate a tooth with a rubber dam, if I am trying to protect the buccal mucosa in areas with limited space, or during crown cementations with adhesive resin cement, so I need the dry angle to work with me—not against me.”

From there, she highlights some of the strengths—along with providing specific photographic evidence—of our product: the mirrored surface, the perfect size, and the improved visibility. In closing, she offers exactly the kind of words we love to hear:

“The dry angles have become a useful tool in my dental toolbox. I’m glad that I encountered these little gems from Richmond Dental; they are the only dry angles that I will use from now on.”

The Dental Advisor: Clinical Evaluations Are Stellar, Too

While we enjoy hearing from dental professionals who are experiencing success with our product, we love receiving high grades from clinical evaluations, too. The Dental Advisor’s recent assessment included evaluations from 35 consultants, with 904 total uses. Here’s a list of the consultants’ comments:

  • “Easy insertion — didn’t stick to the cheek and easy to remove.”
  • “Very comfortable for patients.”
  • “Flexible, with a soft backing and rounded edges for comfort.”
  • “Effective absorbency and it didn’t swell.”
  • “Held their shape and didn’t slip during use.”
  • “Light reflection was very good. The reflective side is brighter and mirror-like.”

That list summarizes the advantages of our product—and, in many ways, is similar to list of the strengths we highlight on our product page. A lot of thought went into the design of our Reflective Shields Plus®, so it’s nice to hear that it solves some of the problems that dental professionals face during treatments, and that patients ultimately benefit, too. When offering a product, we believe that’s the absolute best you can hope for.

To learn more about Reflective Shields Plus®, visit our product page.