Path-O-Guard® Earloop Face Mask Named a “Clinical Problem Solver”

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There’s no better test for a dental or medical product than clinical evaluations. At Richmond Dental & Medical, we’ve been lucky enough to have a few of our products highlighted by The Dental Advisor over the years, and we’re proud to announce that our Level III Path-O-Guard® Earloop Face Mask was just identified as one of their “Clinical Problem Solvers” for 2017.

It’s an honor to have an offering included in a group that includes so many excellent products and distinguished companies. More importantly, it’s exciting to know that we have a solution that solves a distinct clinical issue.

Here’s the problem Dr. Sabiha S. Bunek, via The Dental Advisor, identified:

“When wearing Level 3 face masks, there is an increased amount of fogging with my safety goggles. I also find it harder to breathe.”

And here is her explanation of why our Level III Path-O-Guard® Earloop Face Mask is the solution to this specific problem:

“Masks have a nose clip that is designed to improve adaptation and fit across the bridge of the nose. Most level 3 masks are very thick and any heavier breathing causes more fogging of eyewear. These masks are not confining, making it easier to breathe as well as protect from fluid. The nosepiece fits perfectly under my loupes and I did not experience fogging.”

This illustrates one of Richmond Dental & Medical’s key commitments: to improve the experiences of dental professionals and their patients. Obviously Dr. Bunek is a fan of this product, and based on the 38 other consultants who evaluated this product, she’s not alone.Richmond Dental Path-O-Guard Face Mask

Our Level III Path-O-Guard Earloop Face Masks have the following features:

  • Exceed current ASTM-2100 standard for high barrier surgical face masks
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency of ≥98% at 1.0 micron
  • 3-ply spunbound fabric provides comfort, filtration, and excellent breathability
  • Face mask pleats cover nose, mouth, and chin for full protection
  • Soft aluminum nosepiece maintains shape when formed to face and is fully enclosed for comfort
  • 100% latex-free, including the earloops
  • Manufactured in the USA

Interested in receiving a sample so you can test out this problem solver yourself? Please request one here.