Medical vs Dental care spending: 9 stats you need to know

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Reported by the American Dental and American Medical Association, the U.S. spent $142.4 billion on dental care in 2020 and $4.12. trillion on overall healthcare, according to data from the American Dental Association and the American Medical Association.

Becker's compiled data from the American Dental Association and the American Medical Association on dental and medical care expenditures in 2020, the latest year data was available.

Note: Data for medical care spending may include dental care.

Dental spending

  1. National dental expenditures decreased by 1.8 percent, from $145 billion in 2019 to $142.4 billion in 2020.
  2. Dental spending per capita decreased from $442 in 2019 to $430 in 2020.
  3. Out-of pocket spending was $53.2 billion in 2020.
  4. Private insurance spending was $59.7 billion in 2020.

Medical spending

  1. The United States spent $4.124 trillion on overall healthcare in 2020.
  2. Healthcare spending reached $12,530 per capita in 2020.
  3. Hospital care accounted for $1.27 trillion of healthcare spending, while physician services accounted for $593.1 billion.
  4. The net cost of healthcare insurance was $301.4 billion. Private health insurance spent $1.15 trillion on healthcare in 2020.
  5. Americans paid $388.6 billion in out-of-pocket expenses.

The sources included in this blog are from American Dental Association and the American Medical Association on. Read the full report by clicking on each source.