How Dental Advisor Selects Products for Preferred Product and Other Awards

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If you follow Richmond Dental and Medical and its host of products designed for a variety of clinical applications, you may have noticed that our product development team has won a number of product awards based on performance in laboratory and clinical applications.

We have had a particularly nice run with Dental Advisor, perhaps the dental industry’s most trusted source for product information. In 2017 alone, our Level III Path-O-Guard Face Masks were named a Clinical Problem Solver, while SteriPockets received the Editor’s Choice designation for the fourth year running. Earlier this year the organization bestowed Preferred Product status on the four out of five-rated Reflective Shields Plus.

Dental Advisor’s mission is to provide the dental profession with evidence-based and clinically relevant information on dental restorative products, infection control products and dental equipment. The publication reports objective clinical evaluations, product comparisons, comprehensive long-term clinical performance studies, and unbiased laboratory test results.

So, how does Dental Advisor select winners for its Preferred Product and other awards? It’s all about performance.

The publication is now attaching a seal of approval to all of its tested and approved products. The Dental Advisor badge may only be featured on products that were tested in the organization's own labs according to ISO, a set of international standards for scientific testing. Dental Advisor recognizes that most clinical professionals want to buy products that have been tested successfully according to a generally agreed-upon set of measures.

In the case of dental products tested in the Dental Advisor laboratories, they must meet industry characteristics like bond strength and tensile strength, which reveal not only performance attributes, but also durability over time. When patients read about Dental Advisor’s reviewed and awarded products, they can rest assured that the organization only attaches this seal of approval to those products that meet or exceed the anointed range of performance in a given category.

When products are tested according to accepted industry standards, everyone--patients, dental care providers, and manufacturers--knows that the marketplace for dental supplies is fair and the best products win not only the awards and five star reviews, but their continued use in dental clinics around the world.