Why High-Quality Medical Disposables Are Critical to Better Health Outcomes

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The demand for high-quality, medical disposables is greater than ever, as these clinical staples benefit both providers and their patients.

The use of disposable medical supplies has increased in direct proportion to the regulation and guidance from health agencies with regard to infection and cross-infection risk in hospitals and clinics around the world. The use of medical disposables promotes better health outcomes because their use exponentially decreases both infection and cross-infection risk.

In addition to sterility, high-quality medical disposables achieve greater health outcomes via their functionality. For example, the highest-quality nonwoven sponges won’t leave fibers behind while attending to post-operative wounds. Richmond’s Soft BiteBlock™ promotes better outcomes in multiple ways, by preventing teeth breakage and tongue-biting, as well as protecting the integrity of endotracheal breathing tubes as patients emerge from anesthesia.  

In addition to these health outcomes-related benefits, the use of medical disposables is usually a net neutral or cost-beneficial compared to multi-use supplies. Disposables eliminate the cost of sterilization equipment and chemicals, as well as the soft costs related to staff time spent on sterilization activities. All in all, medical disposables offer a winning value proposition from multiple standpoints, beginning with much better health outcomes for patients served.

Richmond Dental and Medical is an elite manufacturer and provider of medical supplies, with several product categories of medical disposables.

For example, Richmond offers a variety of nonwoven sponges and gauze products, including: 100 percent cotton nonwoven sponges, both all-natural and biodegradable; rayon/polyester disposable sponges ideal for cleaning surfaces and instruments; MultiPly™ Nonwoven Sponges; cotton-filled; and all-gauze sponges.

In addition, our cotton balls, medical balls, cotton-tipped applicators, and cotton pound rolls provide versatility of application while remaining soft and highly absorbent. One of our most recent innovations, the Soft BiteBlock™, developed by a certified, registered nurse anesthetist is a viable substitute for DIY solutions deployed by hospital staff to prevent multiple complications as patients emerge from anesthesia. The aforementioned Soft BiteBlock™’s dense, cylindrical shape allows for consistent compression performance when placed between a patient’s molars with the tongue positioned medially, thus protecting the airway device, teeth, and tongue.

Medical disposables have become staple supplies in medical offices, clinics, and hospital offices worldwide, and for good reason. In addition to the hard and soft cost savings, using medical disposables specifically advances patient well-being through better health outcomes. These outcomes are related to both the sterility, in some cases, as well as the general and specific high-performance functionality of today’s medical disposables. Richmond Dental and Medical will continue to lead the market in the manufacture and distribution of superior medical disposables made with natural fibers such as purified cotton and rayon.