Do You Know Where Your Dental & Medical Supplies Come From?

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Inadequate, poorly constructed supplies can lead to complications, unfavorable health outcomes for patients, and in some cases, lawsuits. If you’re in charge of the purchasing for your healthcare practice, it’s important to pay close attention to where the supplies are coming from, material quality, compliance with various regulatory agencies, and whether the manufacturer’s moral ideals match your organization.


Legal Compliance 

Before moving forward with any purchase, it’s vital to check whether the producing facility is registered with the FDA and if they follow cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). These two credentials will help to ensure that your investment is going to a business that fully complies with the laws of the United States and emphasizes quality during the manufacturing process. While checking on these safety and quality measures might take some time, it’s an important step in ensuring the health of your patients and the integrity of your practice. Fortunately, many factories are starting to implement better tracing and tracking systems that can help you perform a full analysis with greater ease.    


Environmental Considerations

As global economies continue to grow, it becomes increasingly important to purchase from manufacturers who are environmentally conscious and committed to protecting the planet. In 2021, pollution levels continue to rise, and an increasing number of natural disasters are occurring due to the climate crisis. Unfortunately, many manufacturers ignore the generally established guidelines created to prevent further damage to the environment. Before placing an order, investigate the manufacturing site’s carbon footprint and its policies regarding environmental issues. You should also confirm whether the products are synthetically made or sustainably grown and recyclable.  


Worker Diversity and Conditions

Nowadays, many organizations strategically choose to do business with manufacturers who prioritize workplace conditions and employee diversity. If your practice falls within this ever-growing category of socially conscious businesses, make sure to speak with a factory representative to find out about their hiring process, steps they’re actively taking to increase workforce diversity and inclusion, and the everyday work experience of their employees. Choosing to purchase products from organizations that match your high level of respect for human dignity will ensure that you’re doing your part in addressing inequality and improving the safety of workers. Customers will also appreciate your initiative in choosing to work with producers dedicated to these human-driven goals.


Choose American Made

According to Jason Blount, Chief Information Officer of Made in America, while international trade is important to both businesses and consumers, data shows that investment in domestic production plays a significant role in local job creation and economic growth. When you purchase from an American company that produces products domestically, you’re giving back to your community and the manufacturers who work hard to give you top-notch products for fair prices. We highly encourage purchasing dental and medical products from American manufacturers, when possible.


Learn More

Since 1895, Richmond Dental and Medical has been a proud producer of high-quality, sustainably produced, American-made dental and medical supplies. From cotton sponges and pellets to cheek retractors and dental rolls, we have you covered. If you’re interested in learning about our extensive line of products, please contact us today. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with products that will exceed expectations and improve patient outcomes.