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What is the difference between the Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls® and the wrapped cotton rolls?

The Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls® is 100% cotton held together with a silky yarn giving the roll a braided or quilted appearance. The wrapped cotton roll is 100% cotton held together by rayon/poly fabric. The wrapped cotton roll has a smooth appearance. Both cotton rolls are highly absorbent and do not stick to the mucosa.

How do you size Richmond pellets?

When ordering Richmond cotton pellets, remember the larger the pellet, the smaller the number.  For instance:

Size 0 =11/32 diameter
Size 1= 9/32 diameter
Size 2= 7/32 diameter

What solutions are used in the Solution Tray?

Only liquid solutions can be used in the Solution Tray.  No gels can be used. Opaque bottles are available for light sensitive solutions. Frequently used solutions are chlorhexidine, alcohol, primer and bond, tublicid, desensitizing and disinfecting solution, caries detector.

What Richmond dispensers can be autoclaved?

The tiltop dispensers, solution tray (we recommend the pumping device be sterilized with Ethylene Oxide or with a 3% Sodium Hypochlorite solution), sponge dispensers and IC Roll dispenser can be autoclaved.

What is the use of the SteriPocket™ sponges?

SteriPocket™ sponges are designed to be dispensed to patients after extractions and/or oral surgery. The sterile sponges are available in 2x2 and 4x4.

How do you autoclave the IC Roll Dispenser?


  1. Remove complete wrap of 50 rolls from box and locate overlap tab on paper wrap. If overlap tab is not prominent, wrap can be slit. Note: It is recommended the operator be gloved when handling rolls and dispenser for maximum asepsis technique.
  2.  Holding rolls by overlap tab, lift lid on top of I.C. Roll Dispenser and place entire wrap of rolls in dispenser holding body.
  3. Close dispenser lid with overlap tab outside, hold lid tightly shut with free hand and pull overlap tab through slit and body closure. As paper wrap is pulled through lid closure, rolls will be released into dispenser body.
  4. To settle rolls in the dispenser and individual rolls into the dispensing paddle-wheel, lightly tap the dispenser base on a solid surface, i.e., counter top. This will also ensure full closure of the dispenser lid. Note: If rolls become turned in dispenser, paddle-wheel will realign in use.


  1. Simply turn the dispensing knob located on either side of the dispenser using a clockwise or counter-clockwise turn. One roll at a time will be released into the holding base.
  2.  Remove roll or rolls from holding base using either cotton pliers or gloved fingers. Recess in holding base allows grip on roll without touching base.

Are MSDS sheets required on Richmond Dental products?
MSDS sheets are not required on Richmond Dental products.

On this note, which sponge is right for your practice? Download our Sponge Guide to learn more.

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