Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls® Receives Best Product Award from DPS

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Richmond Dental & Medical’s Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls® have always been a popular product with dental professionals. That said, we never tire of receiving praise for this product, which is made with purified, medical-grade cotton and held together with silky yarn so the braided cotton roll does not stick to the patient’s mucosa. Dental Product Shopper (DPS) recently conducted a peer-to-peer evaluation for our braided rolls, and its 4.6 score (out of 5.0) earned it a Best Product Award.

The dental professionals who completed the evaluation tested three sizes of the product in 1.5-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch lengths, and they ultimately focused on four advantages that our product offers: absorbency, retraction, fit and flexibility, and patient comfort. While you can read the evaluation in its entirety here, we wanted to offer a few excerpts below based on those advantages.

On Absorbency

  • Fred Winter, DMD, said, “[The rolls] kept the field dry throughout the procedure,” and Dr. Byron Davis said they provided “excellent adaptability and great absorption, especially under the tongue.”
  • Noting that they “absorbed more without losing their shape,” Donald Jetter, DMD, said they proved critical for a successful outcome by “keeping a dry field for placement of bonding agent.” He added, “We found that fewer cotton rolls can be used due to the greater absorbency and shape retention.”
  • Dr. Elizabeth Spindel shared, “It was very absorbent and easy to place,” and Dr. Jason Wetmore concluded that the rolls provided “adequate isolation, good absorbency, not too much lint or debris, [and] no problems.”

On Retraction, Fit and Flexibility

  • “I really liked the longer pieces for placing attachments for Invisalign cases,” noted Dr. Neda Sayyah; Dr. Tanya Brown said that “the length and options for placement” were the features she liked most.
  •  “It was nice to have the rolls that were wider than the ones I had for different procedures,” said Dr. Klitzke, who added, “The longer rolls were helpful when doing quadrant dentistry.”
  • “They have a consistent fill,” commented Dr. Carrie Niemann when asked about the design. She added, “[There were] no under-filled rolls mixed in with the normal ones.”

On Patient Comfort

  • Dr. Davis cited “ease of placement and not sticking to tissue” as the features he liked most; Dr. Brown said patients told her “they were very comfortable.”
  • Calling the rolls “easy to remove,” Dr. Winter said they didn’t tear the mucosa on removal.
  • Dr. Niemann determined that “comfortable removal was a plus” and said, “The cotton rolls did not adhere to the tissue nearly as much as my usual brand, even when used with topical phenylephrine.”

The DPS Conclusion: Overall Satisfaction

In the end, DPS cited the product’s “combination of excellent absorbency, superior retraction, easy removal, and enhanced patient comfort,” concluding that our “Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls® were highly recommended by DPS evaluators.” We hear this positive feedback from our customers from time to time, but it’s just as rewarding to hear it again from a professional evaluator. We’d like to thank DPS for conducting the evaluation, and all of the dental professionals who took the time out of their busy schedules to test our product.

To learn more about Richmond’s Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls®, please visit our product page.