ASA 2017 Boston, Massachusetts Recap

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Richmond Dental and Medical exhibited at the ASA in Boston on October 21-23, 2017. Many anesthesiologists, CRNAs, and anesthesia techs from around the globe had the opportunity to see Richmond’s Soft BiteBlock™ and take back a sample.

Richmond Dental's Soft BiteBlockResting on the back molars, the Soft BiteBlock™ does not compress below 7 mm, protecting the patient’s teeth, tongue, and endotracheal tube or laryngeal mask airway during emergence. Manufactured in a US, FDA approved facility, and of medical grade, purified cotton, the Soft BiteBlock™ is absorbent and has a consistent density. Richmond’s Soft BiteBlock™ will save time and money, considering the cost of staff salaries, nosocomial infections, and lack of product availability if hand-rolled bite blocks are not prepared in advance.

Richmond Dental and Medical is working on two additional products: a pediatric size Soft BiteBlock™, as well as an individually wrapped Soft BiteBlock™, to stay ahead of JACHO future requirements. These new additions are expected to be available soon.

Please see read the blog, “Soft BiteBlock: Nothing Hard About It, ” written by Diana Roloff, CRNA for more information.

If you missed us in Boston, then please contact us for a sample or check out our medical supplies online at We look forward to the ASA in San Francisco in October 2018.