Funeral Service

Richmond Dental and Medical is proud to serve the needs of several industries outside of dental and medical care. These markets can include entomology, taxidermy, and tattoo parlors, just for a start. But did you know that Richmond and other cotton providers play a big role in the funeral services industry?

Actually, we provide cotton batting that morticians use in a couple of ways: to present the body and furnish the casket or shroud. Just as taxidermists use cotton batting as a filler to help retain the shapes of specimen ranging from small birds to large game, morticians use cotton batting to help the human body retain its shape for services leading to burial. Cotton is strong and pliable, allowing funeral service professionals to achieve and maintain specific shapes relevant to parts of the human body.

Richmond’s purified cotton, free of the plant’s natural field contaminants, is perfect for morticians looking for a high-quality material for stuffing and shaping. In addition, our batting is also well-suited to dressing the casket or enshrouding the deceased body in an all-natural product that will also hold its shape and provide the ideal body covering.

Purified cotton batting is not only all-natural, it’s also non-toxic and biodegradable, giving funeral services professionals a way to lessen the environmental impact of their trade. For discerning morticians everywhere, purified cotton batting from Richmond Dental and Medical is the high-performance, earth-friendly choice for body-shaping, casket lining, and shrouds.