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Equine veterinarians are often large animal veterinarians who have chose to specialize in the care of horses used in competitive, recreation, and working environments. Large animal veterinarians care for horses much as our doctors and dentists care for humans. Just like their human medicine and dentistry counterparts, equine veterinarians need the very best in medical and dental supplies to deliver high quality care and reduce rates of infection from wounds, surgeries, and other common treatments. 

Though equine care is a niche veterinary field, our company’s expertise and extensive product line enables Richmond Dental and Medical to support equine professionals worldwide.  

Surgical Needs

When it comes to performing surgery on horses, medical supplies from Richmond Dental and Medical are the preferred choice for discerning equine veterinarians looking for high-performance, award-winning products that maximize patient comfort and reduce rates of infection.

Products like our 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponges help veterinarians deliver quality care. These general use sponges are known for their high absorbency and softness, without linting or sticking to wounds or surgical tools and devices. 

Bandages and Dressings

Large animal veterinarians care for horses with specialized cotton products, like Richmond’s Pound Rolls, for leg wraps. There are many reasons for wrapping a horse’s leg. Obviously, leg wraps are used to protect and provide coverage of an injured area.  You’ll also see equine veterinarians using cotton wraps to control acute-injury swelling and movement. Thicker wraps can even provide warmth for stiff or old tendons and ligaments.  

Many horses can sustain injury while being hauled in trailers, so leg wraps provide a preventive solution to ensure maximum stability on the road. 

Routine Care

Just like humans, horses need routine care for all the nicks, scrapes, and other injuries that are just part of life. All of our disposable medical products, whether it’s a cotton ball or cotton-tipped applicator, are made from the highest-quality purified cotton. In fact, Richmond Dental and Medical is part of a vertically-integrated family of companies dedicated to delivering superior cotton products for a variety of applications.

Purified cotton, our mainstay material at Richmond, is highly absorbent, all-natural, and hypoallergenic. Whether a medical professional is treating a human or an animal, they can rest assured that our medical supplies will deliver great clinical performance and offer a much more comfortable experience through the softness, breathability, and durability that only cotton can provide.