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Infection Control

For the dental profession, infection control takes on the highest priority. That's why our purified cotton products and industry-leading dispensers are trusted by dental professionals.

Reusable Isolation Gown

The gown is a Reusable, AAMI Level 1 Isolation (non-surgical) Gown. It acts as a minimal barrier for protection against small amounts of fluid penetration.

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Level III Path-O-Guard® Face Mask

High Quality Earloop Face Masks are as integral to a dental procedure as the most expensive equipment in the room. After all, you cannot work without protection from…

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Pellet Dispensers

Richmond Dental & Medical Pellet Dispensers are easy to use and make for a safer, cleaner environment for your patients. Available in 3 types.

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As hard as dental professionals work, any effort to make life easier and more efficient is always welcome. The Richmond Dental & Medical’s SteriPocket® contains two, pre-sterilized packets…

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Infection Control Roll Dispenser

Richmond Dental & Medical durable roll dispensers are designed for infection control, dispensing one sterile cotton roll at a time. Our standard size works with any 1.5" medium…

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