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Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated in our ability to handle the needs of large institutions, ranging from schools to universities to correctional facilities to government agencies—as well as a variety of applications. You’ll see Richmond Dental and Medical Products in medical and dental clinics, and hospitals, as well as correctional facilities, veterinary offices, taxidermy, and entomological laboratories.

If the job can be done by purified cotton of the highest quality, there’s a Richmond Dental and Medical product to do it.



At Richmond, we have the product breadth to cover the needs of all dental professionals, whether you're a dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, endodontist, or periodontist.  Our award-winning products, ranging from Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls® to SteriPockets®, 100% cotton nonwoven sponges, Path-O-Guard® face masks, and Reflective Shields Plus®, aid and protect dental professionals, as well as optimize the patient experience. Solo practitioners, group practices, and dental service organizations know that Richmond is the partner of choice for superior dental products.


As the biggest supplier of medical-grade cotton balls in the country, we know a thing or two about offering first-rate medical supplies made from high-quality purified cotton. Products like Soft BiteBlocks®, Cotton Pound Rolls, and Gauze Sponges prove that superior quality products can be easy to use, control infection, and prevent problems related to surgical anesthesia.



While we started by creating dental supplies, we soon started manufacturing medical supplies, too—so it's only logical that many of our products are also well suited for veterinary applications. Dogs, cats, horses, and other pets served by veterinary clinics have the same issues as their human friends when it comes to surgery and wound care. Richmond Dental and Medical products are soft and highly absorbent, help prevent infection and optimize the animal patient’s wound treatment and surgical recovery.



Large animal veterinarians care for horses with specialized cotton products, like Richmond’s Pound Rolls, for leg wraps. Though equine care is a niche veterinary field, Richmond's vast experience and extensive product line allows us to support equine professionals.



Our ability to provide quality cotton products translates perfectly to the practice of taxidermy, the preservation of the bodies of animals for display and study. Discerning professional taxidermists know that Richmond’s cotton batting is the ideal solution for their needs, as they can easily manipulate our batting for a variety of manikin forms.

Correctional Facilities


While many people understand our heritage as a leading supplier to small dental and medical clinics through our distributors,  Richmond routinely supplies larger provider entities as well. Correctional facilities must provide continuous medical and dental care to thousands of inmates at a given time. As a vertically integrated manufacturer that maintains strict quality control and adherence to US and global standards for quality, we're qualified to meet the medical and dental supply needs of large institutions like correctional facilities.



Across a variety of industries, Richmond delivers high-quality purified cotton; the natural fiber is a perfect substrate for use in entomological laboratories and field testing. Highly absorbent and ultra-white, our purified cotton is widely used in lab studies benefitting a wide variety of industries and scientific pursuits.



Much like with dentist and doctor offices, tattoo parlors and artists demand high-quality cotton staples that provide superior absorption and sterility, all while enhancing the customer experience.

Funeral Services

richmond dental and medical funeral servicesFuneral service professionals need high quality materials too, and we are the ones that can provide for them.