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Our Story

Our journey started in 1895, when Dr. Albert Richmond founded Richmond Dental Cotton Company. The company quickly became known for simple staples such as cotton pellets and cotton balls. Over a century later, dental professionals know the Richmond name still stands for high quality and superior performance, even though our company's capabilities have grown.

After exhibiting expertise in dental applications over the first half of the 20th century, Richmond Dental & Medical merged with Barnhardt Manufacturing Company in 1947. The 2023 acquisition by SionBrands allowed the company to transform into a vertically integrated company, granting us complete control over all of our cotton dental products from purification and carding to the final product.

Expanding Our Dental Product Line

This rare partnership also allowed us to expand our product catalog to include specialty items like Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls®, sponges, pound rolls, and header rolls (and ensure that all of our manufacturing efforts remain in the USA). While our entire line utilizes purified cotton—which provides the perfect level of absorbency and comfort—we also offer additional supplies that help dentists maintain a safe and sterile environment. Great examples are our face masks and dispensers.

Medical-Grade Supplies For a Variety of Applications

Since we have the ability to exert quality control over the manufacturing process, it also means we're constantly adding to our product line, and branching out to support new industries. We now provide medical, veterinary, and industrial supplies, and have the capacity to handle the needs of large institutions like schools, correctional facilities, and government agencies. At Richmond Dental & Medical, we'll never stop in our efforts to improve product performance and to enhance the treatment experience for dentists and their patients.